Thursday, October 28, 2010

I sit alone on the bed, no one to tell me everything will turn out alright and I will be okay. I remember somehow you just knew when I needed to be held and talked to.

I no longer have anyone who understands. Who knows what to do. They look at me helplessly or try to talk or shout at me to pull it together. Makes me miss you so much more.

What is it about mothers and daughters that bind them together? Is it the girl thing? Or the fact that every mother wants her daughter to not have to go through the pain she herself went through? Whatever it is, it brought Amma and me close enough to understand everything through a look. And she knew how to make everything better. Every single thing. These days, I have been stressed, been feeling very lonely and just missing her so much. I just do not know how to fix things and move on at times.

So I write this and hope that I feel better and start fixing myself.

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